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    Bringing your business to the next level
    An ecosystem of quality products and services made up of committed Vendors
    and Customers.

About Us

GBA was founded to help entrepreneurs determined to bring their businesses to the next level by creating and facilitating the development of a burgeoning entrepreneurial community through value-added businesses. GBA provides inspired and driven individuals a creative environment filled with practical grips to increase business and reach their potential. We believe in personal development and are coupled with the desire to build genuine relationships with people who are the keys to success in businesses.

Why Join GBA

Genesis Business Advantage is created as an arm of leverage for your business. The Genesis community forms an ecosystem by providing quality products and services. It is made up of committed Affiliates like yourself, our Vendors and Customers. This gives us an opportunity to provide a platform of quality and trustworthy vendors and well deserving customers who are constantly looking for products and services which they can trust.

In the course of what we do, we establish ourselves as a gatekeeper who will continue to build bridges within the community by reaching out to one another and exchanging values.

Together, we will lay the groundwork to fuel the growth of your vision and purpose. As partners, we will work and grow together to realize goals. Your success always defines our success. We believe that the path of success in entrepreneurship should be journeyed together with like-minded people.


Expand your business networking circle

Build a consistent stream of business referrals

Improve your marketing skills

Learn effective business presentation

Feature your business in eNewsletters

Run GBA workshops to increase your business

Contribute and positively influence group affiliates

Experience personal growth and business development

Gain valuable relationships

Find Partners for business collaboration

Expand your knowledge  

Inexpensive way to advertise and market your business


Here’s what our affliates and vendors have gained from GBA

I have been a GBA affiliate for about 6 months now. What I can say is that the contacts and camaraderie have been great. The best part is we will never know who we will meet next who has a significant impact on my business. I really look forward to more meetings with like-minded people on this platform.

- Jeremy Goh - Dentist

Throughout my career, I’ve learned that nothing beats a good referral. GBA provides more than just a referral. Although I am new, I know that I’ve made the right decision.  The opportunities provided by the fantastic group of like-minded people are just astounding. It is a wonderful platform for all to learn and help each other in achieving greater heights.

- Tan Haw Lin - Corporate Trainer

This platform has provided me a comfortable environment to meet individuals who are passionate about their business. One thing I liked about this networking session is that there is always something to gain. I find the experience uplifting and inspiring. I would recommend to anyone who needs to soak in this energy!

- Patric Sum - Financial Services Manager

I am glad to be part of a team of like-minded business owners - caring, trustworthy and genuine. There is a saying, there are some friends you do meals with, and some you do life with, at GBA is the latter and this is rare in Business network settings.

- Karen Lim - Anti-Aging Coach

I like how GBA is being structured to meet my needs in growing my business. I believe it will help bring my business to the next level. We have a chance to build rapport with each member every week. And what I like best is the support of the members who are ever so willing to support one another. They are friendly and willing to share their experiences and advice.

The Genesis Community is another reason why I chose to be involved. As this is able to help many other business owners to grow their business.

I just did my first presentation there and it is awesome as the guidance is powerful and clear so I can delivery my business clearly to other members and people too. I believe this will enable me to grow as a person and likewise for my business too!

- Janet Lee - Pinky Wellness Coffee

Besides being able to widen my contacts and having others to pass on referrals to me, I am able to improve my networking skills. I have no idea I could learn so much before quitting my full-time job to start my own accounting business. On top of that, I also have the opportunity to learn how to be more effective in my business presentation. Thanks to the guidance and warm fellowship of my affiliates.

- Pamela Lau - Bookkeeping & Accounting

I have learnt that doing business is all about finding the right people. I was given the opportunity to be invited as a guest to GBA business meeting, and I was impressed on the system and platform that GBA is able to provide. In this Business Networking Group, I am able to find like-minded Business Owner, who are sincere, trustworthy and genuine. It is also a wonderful platform for me to share, learn and grow with one another.

- Mike Zhang - Estate Planner

I was introduced to GBA through an authentic and trusted friend who wanted me to have an opportunity to grow my business through referrals. Since then, my interaction with the members has been meaningful, authentic and lots of sharing and learning from one another.

- Aaron Khoo - Business Development

Joining GBA was a natural decision I’ve made. Referrals aside, what I like most about this networking group is the emphasis on personal, professional development; often encouraging its members to step out of their comfort zone. Speaking from personal experience, I find many networking groups to be overly regimental, whereas GBA continues to evolve, catering to the needs of its members. Additionally, the group’s unique culture will often ferment even the most introvert, into a state of euphoria.

- Jim Lim - Printing Services

I have attended several similar networking groups before. Either they are too stringent or too lax in terms of conducting the sessions. When I was invited to GBA the first time, I felt comfortable about how the networking session is conducted and the members are friendly too. It doesn’t take much to decide that I should be part of this dynamic team of like-minded people!

- Wai Hong - Chief Technology Officer


We look forward to you joining our business network,
please fill up the form and we will get in touch with you soon.



Why is GBA different?

GBA is guided by two main values- quality and relationships. As such, the Genesis Community seeks to provide targeted customers that will help to grow your business. In addition, GBA also gives you exclusivity by ensuring that you are the only vendor providing the set of service to prevent any conflict of interests and competition amongst vendors.

What are the advantages to be part of GBA?

Firstly, GBA provides you with the database of potential prospects to work on. You’ll be given the platform to market businesses through workshops to the GBA community. GBA will provide a work culture that is caring and supportive. Quarterly trainings will also be provided for all affiliates of GBA.

What are my expectations to be a GBA affiliate?

GBA expects a minimum of 60% attendance on weekly meetings throughout the year. GBA expects affiliates to conduct themselves with professionalism and espouse a spirit of excellence in the running of businesses. Teamwork is also expected to ensure we maximize the opportunities for every affiliate onboard.

How soon can I expect to see results?

There are many benefits you can expect from being part of the GBA family. Many of these benefits will come from the foundation of long-standing relationships with fellow affiliates as it will take time to build and earn the trust in your group. Nonetheless, helping others to get what they need will go a long way in GBA and a right mindset will ensure that the learning of necessary principles to become a Pro business networker.  

Can I visit a GBA session as a guest?

You are most welcome to do so and we encourage you to visit our weekly group meetings for a GBA experience. 

How many meetings can I attend as a guest?

Every guest is entitled to two consecutive meetings before making a decision to join. 

How do I get accepted into the group?

An interview will be conducted by the Executive Committee for an application to be approved.

How can I get more questions answered?

You can write to us at admin@gbadvantage.com 


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